Nutsi (ryunutsi) wrote in s1anime_layouts,

Hi *waves*

I'm Jessi and I'm new here. I never really thought that I would like anime and manga. When I was 14 I saw my friend Emmy reading a book backwards and when I asked her about it, she handed it to me to read. That was the first FAKE book. I've read FAKE, Love Hina, Vampire Game, Mars, .hack, Hana Kimi, Sensual Phrase, Happy Hustle High, Full Metal Panic, and so many more. I have to admit though, FAKE is def my favorite.
I was checking out communities for a layout that I would like (there are very few good anime ones out there) and I fell in love with this one. The one currently on this site. The angel with the wings. I was wondering if I could have the code for it.
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