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s1anime_layouts's Journal

~Make & Request an Anime Layout for the S1 Style~
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Righto, then. Welcome to the Community for Making Anime Layouts for the S1 Style! They have one of these for the Paid Account S2-ers, and I didn't find that fair, so I created this!

A few Rules, just to get them over with...I don't have time for a really structured thing right now, so ya'll have to make do with this for the time being...

A. Please introduce yourself in your first post!

_________Tell us about yourself. Tell us your favourite anime, your hobbies, what else you like to do. If you have any examples of a layout you've done, show us. However, just give us enough info to familiarise ourselves with you--I.O.W., not a hulking six-paragraph essay.

B. Put your FULL REQUEST under an lj-cut. For instructions on how to use an LJ-cut, go here.

_________Give us a teaser or two, just to get us interested enough to look under the cut. But put your full request, all the specifics and whatnot, under the cut.


_________If someone here puts up a picture for a layout or whatever, PLEASE save it to your OWN webspace by using an easy, free site like Photobucket. Hotlinking is a bitch, as any graphic designer can tell you. Please respect this.

D. Be as specific as possible with your request.

_________Mabye I'm only speaking for myself here, but I like it more when people specify what they want. If they just say, "I want red and white and this picture", that gives us, in my humble opinion, way too much to work with. For your benefit as well--getting the specific layout you want--give us details, details, details!

E. Feel free to ask questions and post up random anime layouts you've done.

_________If you've made a layout that doesn't fill any request but you're proud of it anyway, by all means, post it up here! We're always interested. Also, if you've got a question, just make a post asking it. Just because all of us here like to make layouts doesn't mean that we need to be "better" than the other. If you like to make layouts but don't know how to do something in particular, just ask! We don't bite. Which brings me to our next point...

F. You do NOT have to be an expert layouter to be here!

_________This is about fun. I know I sound horribly like a teacher when I say that, but it's true. Don't feel intimidated. We'll be friendly.

And finally...

G. Keep it anime, please!

_________This is the s1ANIME_layouts community. If you've got a Johnny Depp or Cillian Murphy or whatever ((though they are extremely hot)), I'm afraid to say that it does not belong here. Put it in another community, please.

Pretty sure that's all. Go for it! And remember, I'm always open for email at ethereal_perceptions (at) hotmail.com, or at my own LiveJournal.